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United Arab Emirates
Current Residence: Never Never Land
Favourite genre of music: too many
MP3 player of choice: Creative Zen Vision:M
Favourite cartoon character: Superfly of
  • Listening to: The Presets - Together
  • Reading: Perfume - The story of a murderer
  • Watching: Oxford Murders
  • Drinking: water
Im sorta back... sorta... still have 555D's to get through (heh? last time i chked it was 300... wht are u guys uploading?!?)

Tag from Yinikonjo

starting time : 3:10am
name : Amira
brother : 1
sister : 2
shoe size: 39, (or 38 if i steal my mums shoes and 41 if i steal my sisters)
height : 160 cm
where do you live : sharjah, uae :heart:
favorite drinks : pokka ice lemon tea, green tea, sirap ais (aka sherbet aka rose syrup drink with loads of ice)
favorite breakfast : i rarely have breakfast (hardly ever had as a kid... bad bad habit)
have you ever been on a plane : yea..
swam in the ocean : yea... we get thrown in as babies
fall asleep in school : apparently on my first day of kindergarten! and i got pissed when they woke me :@
broken someone's heart : :shrug:
fell off your chair : yea...
sat by the phone all night waiting for someone to call : No..
saved emails : Yep!
what is your room like : clean but messy (my corner atleast) i dont see the point of folding ur blanket if ur just gonna unfold it few hrs later?
what's right beside you : torch, water, tictacs, lamp, camera, bed + pile of clothes
what is the last thing you ate : chicken sandwich
do you believe in love at first sight : nope...
like picnics : depends on the company
who was the last person you dance with : my baby nephew
last made you smile : my fiance :flirty:
you last yelled at : my fiance... lol!!

today did you

talk to someone you like : :nod:
kissed anyone : :nod: :flirty:
get sick : Nope
talked to an ex : nope
miss someone : my nephew
best feeling in the world : u tell me
you sleep with stuffed animals : hate them
what's under your bed : dust bunnies maybe :shrug:
who do you really hate : hate is such a strong word
is there a person who is in your mind right now : there are alot of persons in  my mind right now... and they all talking at the same time
do you want children : sure...
do you smile often : if im not in a bad mood.. smiles are blessings
do you like your own handwriting : no...
are your toenails painted : no... i hate toenails.. wish i could permanently remove them
whose bed other than yours would you rather sleep in : haha! as long as its an orthopedic mattress it doesnt matter :p
what colour is the shirt you're wearing now : blue
what were you doing at 7 pm yesterday : driving out of the parking lot at fardan centre?
i can't wait till : October 5th
when did you cry last : hmm.. dont remember... few months ago? saw a terrible terrible terrible video on sumones cellphone... terrible :(
are you a friendly person : :shrug: am i?
do you have any pets : used to during uni.. 5 cats in total.. miss em
do you sleep with the TV on : i've never even been within 5ft of the tv in aaaaaaaaaaaaaaages! i never watch tv.. never!
have you ever crawled through a window : dont think so..
can you handle the truth : no...
are you too forgiving : yea... dont see any point in holding ill feelings for others.. waste of energy
are you closer to your mother or father : neither
how many people can you really say you loved : love is such a strong word
do you eat healthily : past 3-4 months.. yea.. sorta... havent had a pizza in ages :(
if you're having a bad day, who are you most likely to go to : whoever is online lol..
are you loud or quiet most of the time : was noisy enough through school and uni... time to shush :shh:
are you confident: used to be

5 things I was doing 10 years ago:
1` Physically fighting with my neighbour
2` Watching Sesame Street
3` Hanging around Al wahda st with friends (used to be THE place to be back then :p no city centre or mega mall or nuthing!)
4` geeking in school
5` Discovered i didnt have to have long stupid hair!

5 things on my to-do list today:
1` Sleep
2` Wake up before noon hopefully (not gonna happen)
3` Workout?
4` Erm...
5` oh yea... supposed to go shopping (urgh!!)

5 snacks I enjoy:
1` Of late.. its popcorn
2` cashew nuts
3` apples
4` sugar free dark chocolate
5` water?

5 things I would do if I'm a billionaire:
1- not that im trying out for Miss World... but give away a significant amount to charity or something of that sort
2- build/buy a house for my parents wherever they want
3- ask my dad wht to do with the rest of the money :shrug:

5 of my bad habits:
1- talk before thinking
2- shake my legs side to side.. its a bad habit apparently :shrug:
3- speak my mind way more often than i shuld
4- procrastinate..
5- sleep late wake up late.. or not sleep at all and still sleep late and wake up late! any tips on resetting the body clock?

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